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Here you can find the fence reports from SGW Geestmerambacht Langedijk 2021 | KNHS Kampioenschap Eventing Paarden | 6 t/m 8 augustus 2021

The classes are live being updated.

Competition Date
L Paarden Kampioenschap2021-08-07
L Paarden Ring 32021-08-07
L Paarden Ring 42021-08-07
L Paarden Ring 52021-08-07
M Paarden Kampioenschap2021-08-07
M Paarden Open2021-08-07
Z Paarden Kampioenschap2021-08-07
B Paarden Ring 52021-08-08
B Paarden Ring 62021-08-08
B Paarden zonder dressuur2021-08-08
B Pony's2021-08-08
BB Paarden2021-08-08
L Pony's2021-08-08
M Pony's2021-08-08
Z Pony's2021-08-08